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10+ Unbelievable Photos Of Mothers And Their Daughters Who Look Almost Identical In Age

Every so often we stumble across the mesmerizing effects of human genetics that seem to dazzle and impress everybody.

The following 25 photos of Mothers and their Daughters are of particular interest. Each one of these pairs looks almost IDENTICAL to their parents, both in age and looks. How is this possible you might wonder? Well, buckle up kids, you’re about to go on a lovely ride through the basics of genetics! Huzzah!

The first rule of genetics is that we are all made up of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid. Still remember that one from Science 101?). This DNA is made into thread-like structures that make up our chromosomes inside our human cells which determine everything from looks, traits, race, sexual orientation, and just about everything else. This will also determine whether you have blue eyes or brown eyes, curly hair or straight hair. The possibilities are endless, but thankfully when we look at genetics, we can usually predetermine how a child may look given certain things we know about science. Check out these 25 photos of genetic marvels!

1)  Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava Phillippe: Holy smokes! These two ladies look like sisters! It’s hard to believe that this is actress Reese Witherspoon and her younger daughter! Who knew that looks could be so identical when it comes to parents and their children. How is this possible you wonder? Well, let’s find out!

2) 43-Year-Old Mom and Her Two Twins: It’s hard to believe this mother and her two twins aren’t all just triplets. (This is possible because identical twins have the exact same DNA which is why they have the same appearance. Each of our cells has 23 pairs of chromosomes and for each pair, one will come from your Father’s DNA, and one from your Mother.)

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