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Movie Theater Employees Reveal The Worst Customers They’ve Had To Deal With

There’s a number of perks that come with working at a movie theater. From free movies to copious amounts of popcorn, it’s a job that usually ends up being the foundation on most cinephile’s resumes. However, customer service has the ability to plague any part-time job. For some reason, there are patrons out there whose sole purpose seems to be hellbent on making your four-hour shift miserable.

One Redditor asked the community’s movie theater employees about their worst experiences with customers, and the responses did not disappoint. If you’ve ever felt guilty about leaving behind a drink in your seat, don’t fret, that’s apparently child’s play compared to some customers. Here are 25 stories of the worst customers movie theater employees have had to deal with.

1. Pee Refill: “We had one regular guy who would come in a couple of times a month and always catch the earliest movie so the theater wouldn’t be full. He would always buy an extra large soda and then urinate back into the cup. I guess it was because he was too lazy to go to the bathroom or just didn’t want to miss any of the movie?” (Reddit user: aliveandwell22)

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2. Motion Sickness: “Movies that are filmed with a shaky cam always bring some messes. However, we had one woman who ran out of Paranormal Activity when it opened and projectile vomited on the wall beside the trash can. The weirdest part was that she looked at us, wiped her mouth, and then just walked back into the theater.” (Reddit user: CommanderStark)

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