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16 Movie Images Before And After Visual Effects

Movies have the ability to take audiences absolutely anywhere, from familiar places to magical lands. Visual effects can be used for subtle adjustments or to create the whole world of a scene. As visually spectacular as the end result is, the filming process looks much different. Here are 16 pictures of movies before and after visual effects:

1. Visual effects can be used for the more grandeur spectacles that tend to make up major blockbusters, but sometimes they are used entirely to make a shooting schedule more manageable. Having to deal with enough extras to fill a soccer stadium is not only costly but an incredibly difficult endeavor with long shooting times. Instead of wrangling thousands of extras, The Secret In Their Eyes opted for a green screen. The production used a backdrop that enabled chroma keying in front of the actors playing soccer so that a packed surrounding stadium could be integrated later. This technique allowed the production to focus on the main actors without having to worry about having a surplus of extras continually reacting with each take. Cutting the production costs drastically, the audience would never know that these soccer players were really just playing in a rural area surrounded by a giant green wall.

2. For this explosive scene in The Avengers, the cast had to flex their acting abilities in front of an array of green screens. Without any actual explosives to play off of, these actors pretend they were in the midst of fiery chaos while simply just standing around an underwhelming set.

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