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10+ Neighbors Who Made The Neighborhood More Interesting

You may think you have nightmare neighbors, but do your strange street-mates match up to these people?

A recent Reddit thread asked people about the weirdest people they’d ever lived around. The resulting stories, featuring characters from committed copycats to fanatical florists to lazy lawbreakers, will make you grateful for your (relatively) normal neighbors.

“A couple months ago, I woke up around 2:30 in the morning on a weeknight. The police were parked in front of the neighbor’s place, and I hear a cop on a bullhorn go, “Come out with your hands up!” Mind you, this is in a small town with a low crime rate (though the opioid problem is close by, our town has been more immune than most thus far). Turns out some “friend” of their family had robbed a dollar store a few towns over and was hiding out (and by family I mean “unmarried couple where the husband doesn’t work, the woman runs the register at a gas station, and her college-age son from a previous relationship does God knows what”). The neighborhood is mostly old folks and young couples with kids. This group certainly spices things up in Normal Rockwell-ville.” (ConstanzaBonanza)

“A neighbor messed up when building a home and put his entire home well within my property (a large piece of land with two huge clearings connected to two roads but separated by a large isthmus of trees). I didn’t notice because I had taken a vacation right after he started building (huge property, I didn’t go around and inspect it often). So I got a real estate lawyer and surveyors to confirm it was on my property. I was going to sell him that clearing for a good price until I went to talk to him and he was the biggest a-hole I had ever met. He essentially told me that he is going to sue me for “leading him on” despite the fact that I did not know him, nor did I meet him before that day. His wife flipped on my girlfriend and me as we were pulling out of their driveway. 4 months later, I file a lawsuit saying he must destroy the property or turn it over to me immediately. It would’ve cost him more to demolish it and return the site to original condition so he signed the house over to me. He was still out for construction costs. I was living in a single wide with my girlfriend, then I had a brand new, 2600 square ft house with all the hookups for water, electric, and cable for free.” (deleted)

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