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25 People Talk About Their “Never Again” Stories

It’s good to be open to new experiences in life, but there are some that definitely do not warrant a second go. We’ve all tried something out of our realm of comfort, some which have broadened our interests, and others that we make an immediate vow to never attempt again.

One Redditor asked the community to share their “never again” stories and the responses are as cringe-worthy as they are hilarious. Here are 25 times people made a mistake that they will never even consider making again.

1. Double Bill: “I made two terrible food decisions in one day. It all started when I made the ill-advised decision to heat up some Taco Bell I had accidentally left in my car overnight. Ate the chicken quesadilla and felt fine, but then I got a call from a buddy begging me to join him on a hangout session with a girl he liked. They wanted to go to this new Asian seafood place. I agreed. We got this super sampler platter that was supposed to feed six, but we three consumed it all. My friends told me they felt a little queasy later but had tickets to a concert so decided to just go to drink some water and go. By midnight, I thought I was turning inside out. I would have called 911 if my phone had been in the bathroom with me. I tried to stay hydrated by letting my shower water run into my mouth while I sat on the toilet during the “event.” Got a call the next day from my friends, who admitted they both ended up having accidents at the concert (they are married now). I’m now a lot more cautious about what I put in my body. Never. Again.” (Reddit user: cole20200)

2. Wedge: “My wife and I shared a tiny apartment with a twin bed when she became pregnant. This substantially reduced my sleeping area. We’d always sleep in a spooning position. One night, when my wife was about 7 months pregnant, I awoke in the middle of the night with no blanket over me. I went to re-cover myself and pulled the blanket but just felt resistance. I assumed the blanket was stuck on my wife’s foot or something. I pulled a bit harder and my wife angrily asked what the hell I was doing. Turns out, I was not pulling a blanket, it was her underwear. I couldn’t stop laughing, but the real “never again” here is telling a rudely awoken pregnant woman that you mistook her undergarment for an entire blanket.” (Reddit user: skeletorsleftlung)

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