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People Share Stories About The One Place They Would Never Travel To Again

Everyone has ‘traveling’ as an item on their to-do list. Whether it’s a bucket list, or just an overall list of dreams to achieve by a certain age, we all crave it. It’s also plenty of fun because it allows us to see a different part of the world that we might not have visited before and it also serves as a time for us to just sit back and relax.

However, not all vacations are perfect and Instagram-worthy. Some off-time is bound to be littered with dirty beaches and some sub par hotels. For those student travelers, hostels are almost always an option but they certainly don’t compare to any of the four-star hotels. And if you are trying to be frugal and save a couple of bucks, Airbnb’s are always available but you can never be quite sure of the conditions the previous tenants left them in. Then there can be food that simply doesn’t sit well with foreigners and the language barrier is not something that can be easily overcome. The currency exchange can cause some people to rip their hair out, and for those who don’t know the intricacies of the town or country, they can accidentally stumble into regions that are just downright dangerous. So people on Reddit decided to start a thread titled: ‘Travelers of Reddit, where do you NEVER want to go again?’ From dirty hotels to food poisoning, to horrific customer service, here are some of the worst places that travelers never want to go back to.


1. (Reddit user: DaughterEarth) ‘I was on a cruise ship with my boyfriend and after a heated argument I decided to go cool down at a casino. After a long and unfruitful two hours I was forced to go back to the room and admit to my boyfriend that I had lost all our money.’



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