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25 Cases That Prove There Is No Limit When It Comes To Design

Industrial design can be a beautiful thing. While many designers default to drab for mass-produced objects, the work of their more creative peers proves that you can make beauty in everything, from tools to kitchen utensils to prosthetics (seriously, if you’re ever feeling down, look up the Alternative Limb project for some of the coolest prosthetics known to man).

And these products are even better when the new design makes them simpler, cheaper, or more versatile in addition to their increased coolness factor. As a former almost-interior-designer, my heart grows three sizes whenever I see a product that marries form and function in beautiful, unique ways.

Now, I’m very much not an interior designer; the mere idea of going to art school and having to actually explain my projects for four years makes me break out in hives. But even for the non-designers among us, these twenty-five projects are beautiful, satisfying, and even inspirational. After all, if human beings can make a charging device that isn’t awkward or ugly, or find a better way to tie shoes, then what can’t we do?

1. It’s a spaceship! It’s a plane! No, it’s a…lemon squeezer? The Juicy Salif, designed by Phillipe Starck in 1990 was inspired by Starck’s experience of eating squid with a lemon squeezed over it. It looks more like an extraterrestrial vehicle to me, but whatever it’s supposed to be, the gorgeous, functional design makes it a worthy statement piece.


2. Inspired by the cratered surface of the moon, this light is, well, delightful. The Armstrong Light Trap allows you to adjust the light levels in the room by deciding how many corks to plug into the translucent holes of the light source. Way more fun than hitting a dimmer switch!

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