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25 Situations Where I Would Politely Decline

Most of us like to pride ourselves on being at least a little adventurous, but there are situations in life where even the biggest thrill seekers will say, “no thank you.” Here are 25 situations and things that will make even the bravest individuals recoil.

1. You may think you know someone until you both encounter a wasp, hornet, or even a small bee together. While some of us are able to keep our calm while the stinger embedded bug buzzes around tauntingly, sometimes the people you least expect will end up showing absolute manic terror. No matter where you stand on the fear spectrum of flying insects, unless you’re a beekeeper, being in close proximity to a swarm of something that could potentially sting you is undeniably daunting. However, the nest pictured outside of this window warrants complete unrelenting reactions of horror. Knowing wasps have literally built a home onto your home is one thing, but when they look like something out of Jurassic Park, it is reason enough to ditch your belongings and move stat. At this point, there is no salvaging the situation, these ginormous needle bums have already won with their presence alone.

2. When it comes to meals, presentation is everything, right? Even if taste trumps aesthetic for you, there’s no denying that this seemingly rat faced muffin is an immediate appetite killer. While the resemblance is hopefully just a fluke, most of us would probably not be willing to find out by diving right in mouth first.

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