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25 Of The Oldest Color Photos Showing What The World Looked Like 100 Years Ago

Welcome once again dear tourists to the Providr Museum of Old Photography. We realized of course that a museum for pictures on the Internet was foolish, and probably just some quick way to frame an article so that the writer didn’t have to do REAL work. Ha! What a hack!

Anyways, this much more serious museum will showcase some of the earliest color photography. We realize that this may be confusing for some tourists, as they may have believed color was the thing that was invented and the world itself was black and white for many years. That notion is, in fact, wrong, as it was color PHOTOGRAPHY that was invented and the world has always been in color. 

This is 25 Of The Oldest Color Photos Showing What The World Looked Like 100 Years Ago, the tour.

1. 1914: Flower Street Vendor. Welcome and honored guests, I present you with our first exhibit, a flower street vendor from Paris in the year 1914. Gaze in awe upon her and the flower’s beauty. Wonder to yourself: What is that stuff under the flowers? Is it seaweed? Is it just, like, lettuce or rhubarb or whatever? Truly, it is an enigma of a photo.

2. 1925: Two children next to a mountain. Heinz and Eva are the names of the children pictured here. Look at the beautiful landscape and remember that Heinz’s upcoming 10 years are going to be very tumultuous for the young man, and even worse for the girl if her last name is Braun. 

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