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An 82-Year-Old Reveals Collection Of His Generation’s Memes/Hard Copy Internet

Young people these days (myself included) tend to think that memes were invented with the Internet, springing into being at the moment of its digital conception. But one 82-year-old’s stash of old-school memes, cultivated and spread in the days before the Web was a twinkle in Al Gore’s eye, is challenging that notion.

The memes, collected over a fifty-year working career, are as funny as the lolcats of yesteryear or the bizarre surrealist word memes of today. Some of them are clear ancestors of today’s memes, slightly-differently adapted for a different time. Some of them are completely different. But what all of them have in common is that they’re really, really funny.

… I mean, I’m not really sure about the math on this one. But the sentiment? The sentiment is flawless.

This is truly one for the ages, as useful today as the day that it was made.

I mean, it’s a mildly funny meme on its own, but the gratuitous caps, lack of centering and fancy, embossed border elevate it to icon status.

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