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When Trying To Be Original Goes Horribly Wrong

People want to stand out and be original. But not trying enough leaves you conforming to society while trying too hard makes you look pretentious. So what happens when we try to be original on our wedding day?

Many women dream of their wedding day and what they’ll look like as a bride. So it’s no surprise that most women who are on the road to marriage want to stand out from the crowd. There’s nothing worse than being compared to someone else on your big day, so originality is usually the goal. But, their obsession with originality can lead to some pretty big disasters. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to stand out from the crowd, but standing out too much can sometimes be worse than following a trend. A traditional wedding will always be better received than an over-the-top, eccentric wedding. This is not only true for your wedding event but it also applies to the smaller details like the bridal gown. Here are some of the most extravagant and “extra” wedding dress designs that practically screamed: “I’m trying to be original and hey, please notice me some more on my big day!”

unnamedJeremy Hon

This dress, quite frankly, looks like a puffer fish. Kind of looks like Spongebob’s driving instructor, Mrs. Puff! We’re not entirely sure what bride would want to completely lose their shape on their wedding day but if that’s your style, then go with it!


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