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25 Parenting Hacks That Will Save Your Sanity And Bank Account

It’s no secret that parenting isn’t easy. Beyond the smiling family, portraits are often two absolutely tuckered-out people who are really just doing their best to keep it together in the midst of juvenile chaos. Let’s face it, kids can be complete time and money vampires, which is why if there’s an easier way to do things, most parents will gladly opt for it.

Luckily, the Internet has become a great resource for parents to share their tricks and tips to make raising rugrats as easy as it possibly can be. The list of responsibilities that come with rearing a child can seem endless at times, but there are things you can do to make that list more attainable. Here are 25 parenting hacks that will save both your sanity and your bank account.

1. Use a laundry basket to make bath time easier.
Kids are messy, and once they get too big for the sink, the bathtub becomes a regular venture. However, you can make that transition period a much simpler one by using a laundry basket. Bathing your child this way can keep them from slipping all over the place and help keep their toys from floating away.

2. Place plastic wrap over your child’s cup to avoid spills.
Anyone with a kid knows that more juice ends up on the floor than in their child’s mouth. However, the next step after sippy cups doesn’t have to always be so messy. Just apply plastic wrap to a cup and stick a straw in it to avoid big spills.

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