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25 Parents Who Prove You Don’t Even Deserve To Complain About Your Day

Social media has basically become a hub of angry parents who complain about their stressful day while looking to be reassured they’re not the only parents out there failing… and they’re not. Parenting may seem like a collection of mundane and repetitive tasks filling an otherwise uneventful day but the internet has proven that’s definitely not the case; parents have some of the craziest days around! So if you’re a non-parent about to complain about your day just start doing a casual search of parenting fails and you’ll realize these parents have it way worse… and you should probably stop complaining now.

1. They say the children are our future and this kid proves the future is smart and sneaky and also quite sassy. After this kid was told by their parents that they aren’t allowed to bring their tablet in the kitchen – or food in the living room – he figured out he can still have the best of both worlds even while respecting the boundaries of both of these rules. Kid: 1, Parents: 0.

2. One of the best superficial aspects of having kids is the adorable things you can buy them and force them to wear. Every parent takes advantage of this short space of time where they can dress their kids in anything they want. One parent decided to get her kids “days of the week” socks (necessary and educational!). However, the manufacturers clearly didn’t think this design through after she realized “Saturday” gets cut off to a word she’s not quite ready for her kid to learn yet…

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