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Parents Share Stories About The One Thing They Regret Saying To Their Child

Despite what we might have believed growing up, our parents aren’t actually perfect. In fact, they’re human and to ‘err is human’, as the saying goes.

But, still, as kids we often believe that our parents are the pinnacle of perfection and through thinking that way, we’re often pretty shocked when they mess up or make a mistake in raising us or just with anything. Parents are supposed to have all the answers, right?

So it can be pretty shocking when we find out that’s not true. As we get older, of course we understand that our parents aren’t perfect. We’re not perfect either so we typically grant them some leeway when we’ve reached teenagedom or adulthood.

Nevertheless, our parents definitely did make some real mistakes when it came to raising us, and while we might not have picked up on it back then it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Some of these mistakes may wind up being the things they’ve said to us which leads us to the following Ask Reddit.

The question posed was, “What is the ONE thing you most regret saying to your child?” AND we’ve compiled 25 of the best answers from both parents, cousins, kids, etc. for your reading pleasure.

1. “While I was in the process of getting a divorce, my wife was screaming at me (like always) while I was trying to take a nap on the couch. My step-daughter then said to me, “For your first marriage, you are doing a great job of messing it up Diego.” I responded with, “Well, with more practice I’ll be as good at is as your family.” Everyone in her family had been divorced multiple times but she baited me and I shouldn’t have even responded.” (Diegojones4)

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