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21 Parents Share The Most Disturbing Thing Their Child Ever Said To Them

New parents are quick to fall in love with their young ones and usually think that their children are close to angelic. However, there are definitely a few stories where children have proven to be the complete opposite…In fact, sometimes children are just downright creepy. Here are 21 of the creepiest things children have said to their parents.

1. Often, children say things without thinking and sometimes without knowing what they even mean. When I was younger I used to think that since I’m half Trinidadian, this somehow meant I was born on the plane. And I used to tell people that! I guess that’s not really creepy. Not like one father who was driving with his 6 year old daughter and suddenly had his life threatened. Reddit user scarystrangle shared the time his daughter told him ‘Daddy, when I’m seven I’m going to kill you. No wait, when I’m eight.’ When he asked her how she was going go do that, she smiled and said ‘I’m going to drive over your head with this car.’ Talk about unsettling. Perhaps she was just joking around by that’s a seriously morbid sense of humor. Hopefully she doesn’t use these types of jokes on her friends at school, chances are other children might not find it that funny.

2. JuWhi shared that when her cousin was two years old, her aunt got pregnant again. One day, she went to give her mom a hug and apparently said ‘little brother is sick,’ after not thinking much of it-JuWhi’s aunt had a miscarriage a few days later. This must have been incredibly difficult to deal with and also quite creepy.

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