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Patients Who Thought They Were Smarter Than Their Doctors

There are only but a handful of careers that can garner admiration and praise from your parents; either a doctor or a lawyer.

And as such, we hold these two occupations in high regard. Whether it is because of the inherent status or the lofty income is to be determined (maybe a combination of both?) but nonetheless, parents usually tell their children to strive for a high paying job such as one of those two. But nowadays with and many more health websites, more and more people are prone to searching up their symptoms on Google rather than going to a doctor’s office. And this has only led to a weird dilemma. According to many doctors (on Reddit) patients are more likely to challenge their prognosis or to question their prescriptions nowadays. Some of these patients have even gone so far as to go against their doctor’s warnings and do whatever they please. Sometimes to their detriment, while others to the hilarity of the readers. Read on to find out what doctors on Reddit had to say about patients who thought they knew more than their doctors.


‘My friend who is a gynecologist/oncologist told me this story. A woman who had early uterine cancer refused surgery in order to explore alternative medicine. She ended up seeing the Dalai Lama who then told her to go back to Western medicine.’ (drleeisinsurgery)


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