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25 Hilarious Times People Were Caught Sleeping

Sleep is something we all need, but some of us just don’t manage to get enough pillow time. When you have a lot on your plate, you can try your best to get by with as little sleep as possible, but eventually, the Sandman always wins. Unfortunately for the sleep-deprived, those who test their limits don’t always end up having that deferred rest in a bed.

It’s not an unfamiliar sight to see someone’s mouth agape with their cheek-smeared on a window during public transportation rush hour, but some people don’t even end up making it that far. Falling asleep in public makes you incredibly vulnerable, however, it also makes a very entertaining sight for passerby. Here are 25 hilarious times people were caught sleeping in places that weren’t beds.

1. Everyone wants to give their best first impression when starting a new job and hope that their negative qualities, which were expertly evaded in the interview, come to light gradually. However, this intern fell asleep at his desk on his second day on the job and his co-workers made sure he’d never live it down. It’s one thing to get caught dozing off during work hours, but when that unintentional nap becomes an Internet meme, the nightmare lives on forever.

2. The need for a good nap doesn’t always come at the most appropriate of times, but this guy made the most of his surroundings. How he managed to secure both sides of this orange netting to these posts is questionable, but he appears to have enough trust in his makeshift hammock to get some unapologetic public shut-eye.

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