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People Who No Longer Talk To Their Family Explain Why They Cut Their Ties

We all have our family issues. The old saying “you can pick your friends but not your family” may not hold true for some in certain situations.

There are a lot of people who have a serious family drama that unfortunately is very tragic in some cases. For whatever reason, some of us simply need to eliminate toxic family members from our lives for our own well being. The following list of 25 people who cut ties with their family was posted on Reddit where users contributed their own stories of how they cut out their family members from their lives. 

1) The “Great” Aunt: Just about an hour after my mother died, my great aunt told me that I didn’t have any right to be in the same room as my mother’s body because I am a drama queen and apparently never truly loved my mom. I was 15 years old at the time. That’s not something you should say to a teenager who lost a parent. I am way better off without that toxicity in my life. I am lonely, but I’m safe. (Reddit user: Heavy_In_Your_Arms)

2) Leaving the Country: I was serving in Iraq, and my family didn’t bother telling me that my Mother had died. I found out through an email two weeks after the funeral. By the time I got home, they had divided up all of her possessions, and I got a brown envelope with 4 pictures of her in there. I got up, left and never went back. I married a girl from overseas and tried to get her a visa. My aunt finds out and sends a letter to the embassy stating that I’m an unsavory character, and the marriage was a scam. Visa denied. Now I’m leaving the country to be with her. (Reddit user: Boat1690)

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