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25 Pictures Of People Who Are Not Impressed With Their Situation

Watching LeBron James on a one-man fast break dunk is pretty awesome, and witnessing the Northern Lights is jaw-dropping in itself, but then there are those people who just don’t seem to get fazed by anything.

Are you or do you know of a friend who just remains deadpan throughout everything? Whether it’s a celebration of a champagne birthday or the birth of a baby niece, this person will never crack a smile or show any emotion. They will have a constant look of disapproval or genuine unimpressed-ness. No matter what genre of movie you guys are watching, this person remains deadpan. Regardless of any social event; party, wedding, or church, they reveal no emotion. It’s like they are incapable of feeling or they simply just don’t care about anything. It’s as if nothing excites them or truly, genuinely impresses them.

So we here at Providr have compiled 25 images of people and animals that look genuinely disinterested. Whether it’s a roller coaster ride or the first encounter between siblings, here are some unimpressed individuals. Despite whatever the context and the background may say, these guys just simply don’t care.


1. Apparently, Grandpa’s been on one too many roller coaster rides to be fazed by this one. Just look at him, he’s not even in the least bit scared of the ride. In fact, he looks grumpy, which might point to him thinking: ‘when is this ride over?’


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