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People Share Stories About The Time They Realized They Were Grown Up

There are a few universal truths when it comes to humanity. One of them is that no one likes to think about getting old (even though, hi, we’re all gonna get there!). It’s a silly thing to dislike, but yet here we are, doing everything possible to stress ourselves out about something natural.

The only unnatural thing about aging is how the whole world around us tells us that it’s a bad thing. If everyone loved the positive aspects of getting older, instead of romanticizing youth, we’d all age without the stress. But people only seem to love talking about how bad it is to age. Take the following Reddit thread, for example, where users shared the moment they realized they weren’t young anymore. “I broke my toe and it healed weird, so now it hurts when I walk. I’ve seen multiple doctors and I’ve come to accept that I can’t fix it. I’m at the stage in my life where minor things that go wrong with my body will just live with me forever,” says user John_Wilkes. That’s pretty bad, but it should act as a lesson to us all: start taking care of your body now with a good diet and exercise and it’ll heal better when you’re older!

Along those same lines, user Unclebrenty shared the time he realized he wasn’t a youngster anymore. One common answer seems to be when your body betrays you: “I was in the bathroom doing a number 2 when I coughed. That was enough to pull my back.” Noted. Time to start working those back muscle now while I still have them.

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