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20+ Times People Recreated Their Grandparents Photos, And The Result Was Amazing

Photo recreation isn’t anything new, but the advent of social media and easier access to photo editing programs has allowed new generations of people to recreate photos of their grandparents and the results are amazing.

People from past generations may seem like faceless, ghosts of our past, or perhaps we can only see them as our old grandparents, but it’s a fact of life that many were once young, vibrant, and full of life just like their grandchildren of today. Photo recreation isn’t too difficult, but it’s always a challenge to get the exact spot and angle as previous photos of the past. It might also be difficult to find the exact clothing if you’re going for a 100% accurate photo recreation. Other times you might not at all be in the same locale or wearing the same things, but often it’s the expression some grandchildren put on their faces that recreate the look of their grandparents when they themselves were in their youth. The following 20+ photos showcase some of the best photo recreations out there, and the results are absolutely amazing.

1) Three Generations of Fire Fighters: The far left photo was taken in 1966. The middle photo was taken in 1988. The far right photo was taken in 2015. These are three generations of men who have taken it upon themselves to become firefighters, with the last two following in the footsteps of their father. Note that they are all standing in the same location in England. How great is it that there are three generations of firefighters in the same family? Perhaps another in this generation will consider taking up the profession themselves, creating a new line of firefighters.

2) France Then VS Now: In the aftermath of WWII, many young soldiers posed for photos in the war-torn streets of many towns. Some of these were veterans who went on to create families to pass on stories of their time in War. This man decided to revisit a town his Grandfather once stood in. Notice how the streets are rebuilt and thriving in the modern photo, but the photo in WWII shows how much time has changed and affected the area. A proud legacy to have indeed.

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