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25 People Who Forgot To Look Behind While Taking A Selfie

You can’t scroll through any social media news feed without coming across at least a few selfies. The integration of front-facing cameras has effectively replaced the need to rely on a friend to capture your best angles. It’s a narcissist’s dream tool, but one that has proven to have embarrassing results when the snap-happy user doesn’t look beyond themselves. Sometimes the background of a picture can end up stealing the show, which isn’t usually the photographer’s intention.

From revealing reflections to unintentional photo bombs, these people could have saved themselves from embarrassment by reviewing their pictures a little more closely before posting them online. While attention is usually the goal when uploading a selfie, it’s safe to say that these ones received it for very different reasons. Here are 25 people who should have really considered the background of their selfies before sharing them.

1. Posting a picture of yourself all dressed up doesn’t really have the same effect when it’s in the midst of a room that looks like it was just recently ransacked. Not only does this woman seem to be careless to any potentially compromising floor items, she also seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that there’s a mouse just perusing through her stuff.

2. Before you take a group selfie, you might want to make sure that everyone in the picture is aware it’s happening first. There’s nothing wrong with a celebratory team picture, but it’s probably best to choose any other location than in front of the showers.

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