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People Share The Biggest Secret They Have Been Hiding From Their Family

Everyone knows that bad things happen in life, but sometimes the things that happen are so bad you can’t talk about them. Other situations might not necessarily be bad, but they could be embarrassing or disappointing. Your family and friends are supposed to love you through anything (kind of, that’s asking for a lot if you ask me) but we all know that’s not entirely true, anyway.

For that reason, plenty of people keep secrets from their family members and friends in hopes of ridding themselves of embarrassment or being shunned from the group.  The following 16 Redditors responded to the question, “What secret are you hiding from your family?” and some of them are questionable. But, maybe there’s someone out there who can relate! Not all of them are embarrassing, depressing, or entirely negative either. Like Reddit user Local5Sparky, who decided to keep their big money earning winning a secret. “I won $250k on a scratch off ticket last year,” they wrote. “Nobody in my family but my wife and I know.” Can’t really blame them considering how much money has a tendency to change people, especially if it’s not theirs. They may believe that their family member can help them out with anything and everything now that they have the “big bucks.” Easier to keep things like that a secret, if you ask us.

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Reddit user dragetezzy shared their secret saying, “I met my biological father and he’s a lot like me. I’ve been forbidden from ever meeting the man since I was little.” Plenty of other users responded giving them the emotional support they’ve been without in their home life. Others even hope not to treat their children like that in the future.

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