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25 People Share Pics Of Their Parents Where They Look Like Completely Different People

It’s hard to imagine what our parents were like before we were born. It’s even worse when we listen to stories from our grandparents who tell us what life was like for them before we were even a thought in our parents’ heads. Before our parents were even a thought! Did people go outside to play? What?

Aside from the countless stories shared with us growing up, we have photos at our disposal. Sure, they’re a little grainy and lacking technology (and fashion sense) but they’re great insights into what our family members were doing all those years ago. I don’t know about you but it used to trip me out as a kid to see photos of my grandmother when she was in her early twenties. It was just as awkward being a stubborn kid who tried to convince her that that wasn’t her. Kids are the worst.

Anyway, these Reddit users shared some old school photos of family members doing some pretty great things like playing really old video games, pretending to get pricked by a cactus in the 60s, or grandparents posing together decades ago.

1. Reddit user MorganGanem shared this photo of her beautiful mother atop her Camaro in 1975. She was 16 years old at the time. Okay, yes, I know she’s a beautiful woman. But, we please just talk about how that apparent shed behind her is painted exactly like a stereotypical barn?

2. All I want in life is to go out and be remembered for looking half as cool as OP’s dad. LaterDust20 posted this photo of their father and his band. He’s the guy in the middle with the sweet hair and even sweeter clothes. OP admits that they had a pretty good laugh when they first stumbled upon this memory.

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