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People Share Stories About Times They Got Revenge

Human beings have always been fascinated with revenge. Five hundred years ago, Shakespeare’s audiences loved his bloody vengeance plays and would crowd into theatres to watch Hamlet kill his uncle, or the Capulets and Montagues fight to the death over their historical feud. Today, even those who haven’t watched the Princess Bride can probably quote Inigo Montoya as he faces the man who killed his father.

And there’s nothing more fascinating than true stories of revenge, the ways that people just like us got back at annoying co-workers or family members. Read on for twenty-five stories of funny, embarrassing, sweet revenge.

1. Vengeance is Spicy: “When I was working at a restaurant, we started noticing small food items disappearing from the walk-in cooler. I’m talking a piece of bread here or a slice of pie there. This went on for months even though we had regular meetings asking for the culprit to stop. Finally, the head chef hatched a plan. We had a Key Lime Pie that was a fan favorite, and it upset the chef when customers couldn’t have a slice because the walk-in Bandit had their way with it. This time he whipped up a nice batch of wasabi mousse and made an extra special pie. The bandit walked into the cooler under the guise of grabbing a case of beer for the bar and promptly crammed the whole slice into their mouth at once. We found out who it was when they ran out of the cooler screaming at the top of their lungs. We never really had a problem after that.” (Mongolian_Ping-Pong)

2. Hole In One: “My grandfather was a Grade-A asshole, and would make me watch golf all the time. One day there was a tournament, and he made me watch 4-ish hours of boring golf during it. The next day he invites me to watch some more golf with him. When I tell him that it’s a recording, and he’s already made me watch it, he gets angry and tells me to shut up.  I was so mad and plotted my revenge. I had $5 in my pocket and started betting on events that would happen. “Oh, that guy is 200 yards away from the pin hitting from the rough, I bet he will hit it 4 feet away from the hole”. I figured if he’s going to make me watch the same programming twice, I would make him pay. I ended up with $50.” (deleted)

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