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People Reveal Why They Don’t Talk To Their Best Friend Anymore

They say you should never ‘burn any bridges’ when it comes to your friends and colleagues, but why can’t we help but do it anyway? The unfortunate reality is that sometimes we are surrounded by toxic people.

These people have a way of infecting our lives in ways that are usually considered negative, degrading, or downright harmful to us. A person might be our best friend, but in the blink of an eye they turn out to be not so good for us. We all have our reasons for needing to cut toxic people out of our lives, but the biggest reason should always be one of personal protection.

To lead a happy, positive life, we need to consider cutting out people in our life that drag us down with their negativity, pessimism, and greed. It’s a fact of life that friends come and go in our lives. Some stick around for a great deal of time, while others are but a fleeting memory on our journey through life.

What reasons then, do people have for not talking to their closest friends anymore? The following 20+ people took to Reddit to discuss why they no longer talk to their best friend anymore, perhaps shedding some light on how toxic people can make an entrance (and exit) in our lives.

1) The Maid Of Honor: She was the maid of honor at my wedding. After the wedding, I would try and make plans with her for lunch or what have you, but she’d always cancel on me the day of. She’d never give me a reason as to why, just usually saying “oh I forgot, I can’t” or “some other time.” After a while, I realized I was the only one putting in any of the effort so I stopped trying to talk to her. I realize if she wants to do something she’d get ahold of me. I got married in July, and since the wedding, I haven’t seen or heard from her since. (Reddit user: effincourtney)

2) High School Diss: My best friend in high school got accepted into college a good 6 months before me. (This is common in my country.) When she got to college she just stopped talking to me altogether. When I finally got accepted to college she decided it was too shameful to talk to someone 6 months behind her. Meanwhile, he’d still hang out with our other friends from high school. I haven’t spoken to her since. (Reddit user: photomotto)

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