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‘You’re Making It Hard!’ People Talk About The Accidentally Inappropriate Things They Said Out Loud

Sometimes it’s best to weigh our words before we speak whereas other times it is best to just be honest and forward.

The old adage that tells us to think before we speak is generally prescribed to those who blurt out whatever is on their mind, but in all honestly during a time where lies are pervasive and truths are distorted as lies, maybe we do need more people to just speak their mind. However, there are some occasions where we have to watch what we say. Maybe during a wedding or a funeral or even during a parent-teacher interview, some thoughts or feelings should be held back whereas other times we are free to hurl obscenities at each other. But let’s be forward for one second here, it is during those times where our inhibitions are free and mouths are loose that we truly understand how people feel. So we decided to go on Reddit and ask fellow Redditors: ‘what is the most inappropriate thing you have blurted out by accident?’ The answers may shock you but they will almost certainly make you double over in laughter.


‘I used to work at a summer camp and an 11-year-old girl was wearing a tank top that had the word ‘sexy’ on it. Why her parents decided to let her wear that is beyond me. But during my stupor, I just yelled out, ‘did you guys see the girl with the sexy tank top?’’ (Indianapolis_Jones_)

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