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25 People Who Are Winning At Life

Sometimes life is on your side. You’re either at the right place at the right time, or you were born with a random skill or ability that comes in hand. There are also folks who make these moments happen for themselves. You look at them and think, “I can’t believe you just did that, you are officially my hero”.

1. Bob Menery is one such case where you’re lucky because you were born with a gift. His gift is a peculiar one and he took advantage of it. Menery’s voice sounds like he has been training for many years to become a professional sports broadcaster. Not only does his voice sound like a sports broadcaster, but his tone, pace, pronunciation, and sports knowledge with little to no stuttering are out of this world. After posting a video on youtube of him doing a bit, he received 317 calls. At the time he was an unemployed comedian, but he has since received numerous job offers after his video went viral. According to Menery, “Basically, I’ve had a cool little voice that I did. People told me I had a great voice. I was just doing this shtick. I would incorporate the voice and do some broadcasting on the street in all these videos. I never did anything with it.”

2. This pub was in the perfect place at the perfect moment. If it had been any other store it would’ve just been a nice picture because of the rainbow. This picture is just perfect. It’s also pretty spot on that the store next to “Pot of Gold” is called “Lucky Leprechaun”.

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