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20+ People Who Said They Didn’t Want Cats

Cats are one of the few good things left on this wretched planet, and so it’s always heartbreaking to see people write them off as cruel or heartless. If you also think cats get an unfairly bad rap, nothing will warm your heart like these 26 pictures of people who didn’t want cats—or at least, people who said they didn’t want cats—caught in the act of loving them.

“When your dad says that he “doesn’t like cats” but you finally convince him to let you get one and you end up getting pics like these while you’re at work.” (@noragross1)

“He claims he doesn’t like cats but he’s currently refusing to disturb the sleeping cat to get up and pull the curtains …” (Chocohalix)

“Growing up, my grandpa hated cats and told me that when my cats died I wasn’t allowed to get more under his roof. They died. I got another. This is my grandpa today.” (Foxtastic)

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