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25 People Who Got What Was Coming To Them On Social Media

“All the social media world’s a stage, and every play’s a comedy.” -William Shakespeare, if he lived in the 20th century, probably.

If you, like Shakespeare, get your comedic joy from watching people screw up in petty, avoidable ways (seriously, Twelfth Night is essentially an Elizabethan cringe-compilation), social media is a goldmine. People posting publicly and semi-permanently without really thinking about what they’re saying? It’s a recipe for funny, shareable disaster.

These 25 social media flops are a mememto mori that even the best of us can screw up online, a warning not to get too cocky and claim things that aren’t true or even plausible. But most of all, they’re just really darn funny.

Shakespeare, the deft social commentator, and comedian, would definitely approve.

1. The sad thing about this tweet juxtaposition is that this Twitter-user generally has very smart, insightful things to say about current events. But, much like Shakespeare’s tragic hero Macbeth, she has a fatal flaw, and apparently, that fatal flaw is self-awareness (seriously, the pants don’t even look bad! What do you have against hot pink, Ms. Goldman? Why are you afraid to love?)

2. I mean, guest receipt or not, they’re talking about how Christmas isn’t all about bragging rights … on a post, they put online showing how charitable they are … presumably to attain bragging rights. Isn’t there at least a little cognitive dissonance there?

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