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People Who Were Mistaken For Employees Share Stories About What Happened

Anyone who’s worked customer service has their customer horror stories, whether it’s a customer having a meltdown in the middle of aisle 10 or a mom changing her child’s diapers on the restaurant floor (don’t ask). But what happens when the person being forced to deal with customer shenanigans isn’t even being paid for it?

On the Reddit page, “I Don’t Work Here Lady,” Redditors share the moments when they were mistaken for employees. We hand-picked some the best stories, from the awful to the audacious to the adorable.

“So at the time I worked in the mall, and this day I was on break. Anyways, I’m heading down the long aisle in the back of the store when I see an older woman who desperately does not want to believe she’s 50+ in a cheetah print jumpsuit. She is standing there yelling at someone to grab her a cart. When I keep walking towards her, she loses it and starts screaming about customer service. At this point I’m nearly right in front of her, so she sidesteps in my path and snaps her fingers in my face. I halt as she yells “WHY AREN’T YOU LOOKING AT ME?!?! I TOLD YOU TO GET ME A CART!!!” It is here that I realize she thinks I work here. So I gather up my nicest customer service voice (since I’m technically representing the company I work for by having my lanyard on) and say “Oh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize you thought I worked here, I don’t. The carts are behind you at the front of the store though!” And I go to walk around her. “


“She stops me again. At this point, I’m upset my lunch break is ticking away and I want to eat. My smile disappears as she continues her yelling, YOU ARE WEARING A NAME TAG, YOU WORK HERE!! GET ME A CART OR I WILL GET YOUR MANAGER!! That’s it, I’m done. “Lady, I work at -insert store name- and you can find my manager there. Maybe when you talk to her though, you could try being polite as she doesn’t like rude jerks.” I then walk back to my store, clock in and put the pin that says “manager” back on and wait patiently. About half an hour later she comes in. She sees me, my now pinned manager tag, opens her mouth as I smile and wait. She then must have decided she wasn’t going to pursue it because she just turned around and left. It was the best moment I ever had as an assistant manager.” (xxthegirlwhowaitedxx)

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