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People Share Stores About How Their ‘Perfect’ Relationship Ended

All relationships seem perfect at the beginning. You are infatuated with this person you’ve found that seems to be the perfect piece to your puzzle. And while in some cases the person turns out to be ‘the one’, this is hardly the rule. Redditors were asked “what ended the relationship you thought would last forever? Here is a collection of the most heartbreaking answers:

1. “Everything was pretty fine until she didn’t come home one night. She went to a party at a friend’s and said she was coming home that night. Heard nothing. Walked all the way to the transit center looking for her in the middle of the night. Nothing. Eventually, she called the next morning and said she’d be home the next day. I kinda knew something was up, but I never really pressed it.

When she came home she was cold and distant and when I finally asked her about it she admitted that she cheated on me. She said that it was because I was going nowhere in life because I worked a dead-end job, and I wasn’t going to college. This was during the economic downturn in 2008-2009, so finding a better job was difficult and I was spending all my time working my butt off to support us, so I couldn’t go to college. Because she didn’t want to get a job.” (Xodium)

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2. “When I feel like I’m putting in more effort than she is in the relationship and just trying to keep the spark alive in general. I don’t chase women anymore. Someone who actually wants to spend time with you and put forth as much effort as you are will be a much more fulfilling partner.” (Savoir_faire81)

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