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Times When People Wore The Perfect Shirt At The Perfect Time

Everyone has that one special shirt. Maybe it has a celebrity on it, or maybe it’s a band t-shirt. Whatever is on your favorite shirt, you probably wear it a lot. These people happened to be wearing their favorite shirts at the perfect moment. Here are 16 people who wore the perfect shirt at the perfect time.

1. Life is full of ironic moments, but these incidents certainly take the cake. These moments can be things like running into a celebrity while coincidentally wearing their face on your shirt or being too appropriately dressed for a specific situation. When it comes to the “perfect place at the perfect time” moments, these pictures definitely take the cake. Look at it this way: what are the chances that the shirt a person is wearing is going to coincidentally match with the situation they’re in? When these moments happen, they just have to be documented, because the Internet loves to remind us that if a picture isn’t taken to document a moment, it didn’t actually happen. In our very first picture, this fan couldn’t have chosen a better shirt to be wearing when he met George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars franchise. If you can’t make it out, it says ‘Milk, I am your Father.’

2. This is what happened when a Colts fan and a Patriots fan met Andrew Luck. Looks like Luck has the situation under control. You would think that this would result in a pretty awkward encounter, but it looks like Mr. Luck is having a good time with the two fans by laughing it off.

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