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25 Perfectly Timed Photos

There are a lot of factors that go into making a good image great, and one of those is mastering the art of timing. Snapping a picture at a specific point in time can capture the fleeting moments that would normally go unnoticed. Sometimes these striking visuals are the result of expert precision, but they can also happen completely by chance.

Most photographers have an intended visual in mind when they hit the shutter button, but there are flukes that can create an image beyond imagination. Whether a well-timed photo ends up being visually fascinating, coincidental, or just hilarious, they are a rare feat and deserve to be celebrated. Here are 25 pictures that were taken at the perfect time.

1. British photographer Dr. Alex Tattersall managed to capture this incredible shot of Indian mackerel in the Red Sea swimming towards the camera with their mouths wide open. Underwater photography is tricky enough as it is, but these silverfish are almost completely translucent until they get up close and move through the water swiftly, which makes this horror movie-like still quite an impressive accomplishment.

2. There are many resorts that prove that trained dolphins can be quite the complaint models, but this action shot almost makes it look like this man is casually redirecting a mid-flight dolphin with one hand. While these two may have managed to get some sort of routine down prior to the shot, there’s no denying that capturing this split second would be incredibly difficult for any photographer

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