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13 Photos Improved By Genius Photoshoppers

From changing your report card grades to altering how muscular you really look, Photoshop has long been used in a wide variety of ways. Some are for nefarious purposes while others are charitable and, in some case, humorous.

Photoshop is the fixer of all things, the majestic wizard that can make you go from zero to hero with the flick of a wand. Photoshop is definitely the king of all things graphics, so it’s no wonder that people love to have fun with it. Whether that fun means photoshopping a silly face or image onto a picture of your friend, making a model appear as thin as a toothpick, or just outright going crazy with photos of celebrities, there are all sorts of wild and wacky things that you can use Photoshop for. Some photoshoppers are just way too good for their own good. They can be ingenious, brilliant and creative, and can even sometimes shock you. They do have a penchant for ‘trolling’ their followers so these following images will be sure to induce bouts of laughter. Here are plenty of photos improved by genius photoshoppers that will probably blow your mind.


1.  This photo of an adorable brother and sister embracing is seriously about to melt my heart. Plus, let’s all take into account how strong this sister is to be able to just lift her brother up like that. What could make it look even better or, dare I say, cuter? Find out on the next page.


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