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25 Photos That Prove We Are Living In A Fascinating Time

We live in a day and age where Wi-Fi is a necessity and anything besides a smartphone is considered antiquated. Although some people predicted flying cars and conscious robots by now, we still live in an incredibly fascinating time.

Humans have evolved from primitive hunter-gatherers to the ‘advanced’ beings that we are today. While some might have expected more from the human race, in the grand scheme of things the modern homo sapien has only been on the face of this planet for a short amount of time. In that time span, one can make a legitimate argument that humans have harmed the planet just as much as they have progressed the human race. With drones flying in the sky, and self-driving cars and now with Elon Musk’s proposed Hyperloop, we are truly living in the future. But despite all the lofty goals that we have set for ourselves, sometimes it is just as important to sit back and look at our achievements. So here at Providr, we have compiled 25 images that show that we live in a rather amazing time!

Not only do we live in a time where we have delicious pizza available to us almost 24/7 but here we have a pizza that is placed inside of a pizza box that is made out of pizza! Now that is truly futuristic!


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