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21 Photos That Prompt More Questions Than Answers

Before social media and Instagram and all the funky Snapchat filters, there was the traditional black and white film photos. But even before that we had paintings, sculptures, drawings, maps and scrolls to elicit a picture or a scene. You might have heard of those.

And before the ink pen and rough tree bark canvases, Neanderthals were using a blood mixture to draw on cave walls! Since the beginning of mankind there have been numerous attempts at sharing a visual experience or simply etching a moment onto the physical world. But when Photoshop came along, many pictures that began surfacing along the interwebs started being investigated. Were these legit pictures or just an evil mastermind trying to play a hoax? Was that truly a sighting of Bigfoot or just some guy in a costume with a buddy who owns a terrible camera? All of the sudden there was an explosion of ‘UFO sightings’ which were later debunked as hoaxes. There are certain images out there that will make you do a double take. From what appears to be a severed dog to severed fingers to unique architecture, these images are sure to make you stare. Here are 21 pictures that might make you go ‘hmm…’


Even nuns need to have fun too. Seems like she’s in a rush to make it back to the House of God in time. Or maybe she’s just left mass and was in such a hurry to go go-karting that she didn’t even take the time to change. Jesus certainly took the wheel on this one.


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