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21 Photos You Will Need To Look Twice At To Understand

Sometimes, they way a photo is angled might make you look very closely in order to fully understand what’s going on. There have been a few occasions where one of these occurrences causes the photo to look very different from what is actually going on in the shot. When this happens, confusion and hilarity often follows. Here are 21 photos that you really have to look at to understand.

1. Whoa how many legs does this girl have? I’m not sure if she was doing this intentionally or if she was really just posing with an urn, but it totally has me doing a double take. The shape, size, and color of the urn is super close to that of her knees! Is it possible she sprouted a third leg moments before the picture was taken?

2.. It totally looks like this girl has incredibly hairy and jacked arms. The way this photo is angled, it really looks like she’s wearing a jean vest and laying down next to her friend. In reality though, that’s some dudes hair leg that she’s behind. See it now? The leg of the gentleman’s jean shorts really pulls the picture into the right perspective.


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