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36 Photoshop Troll Pictures That Will Make You Laugh

Not everyone is super skilled at the art of photoshop, which prompts many to ask for some help to make their picture exactly how they want it to appear. While there are many photoshop whizzes willing to offer their services, some take more creative liberty than others.

1. The timing of a group jumping photo can be a tedious operation. While three of the four girls managed to get some height with their jump, one ended up jumping a little too late. However, her friend knew that a little photoshop could level out her and her friends and turn this into an instant framer. Unfortunately, the person she asked did not give her what she was expecting. The girl did just ask to have her friend to “make the girl second from the right higher off the ground,” which is exactly what she got. However, she probably wasn’t expecting her to be so high off the ground that her entire upper body is out of frame. Having even a little more fun with the picture, the photoshopper decided to add in a trampoline to give the photo some more context. Next time, it’s probably best to just stick to a group photo on the ground.

2. Clearly, this couple doesn’t just understand photoshop, they don’t even know how to operate a cropping tool. When it comes to giving instructions, you really don’t want to be vague. This photoshop artist definitely did something with the lady in the background, but probably not what they were looking for.

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