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25 Pics That Only Get Better After A Second Look

Within the depths of the world wide web, you’re bound to come across imagery that requires a second look. From memes to conversation screenshots, and things captured from everyday life in the real world, the internet is a source of infinite abundance. Inevitably, there are times where we come across images that truly make us question what is really going on out there.

If you’re looking for a good laugh, there’s certainly something for everyone out there, and chances are, you may find yourself entangled within the limitless content. The internet is constantly changing and adjusting with the times, and the content and imagery we come across can be very telling as to what’s ‘in’ at a given time. Today, we take a look at 25 images from the internet that you just can’t help but take a second glance at.   

1. In this image, we see a dog letting out its silly side, and looking quite proud doing so. Seemingly smiling, the dog tries to hide its face under a window curtain and appears to be having quite the time, too. Kudos to the dog who decided to show some character around the house, and quite adorably so.

2. Canadians are known worldwide for being overly apologetic. The word ‘sorry’ has got to be one of the most commonly used words in the English language for Canadians, so much so, that it is even said at times where there’s no need for it. In this picture, we see a woman attempting to understand what it is she even said sorry for.

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