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Pictures Captured At The Perfect Moment

A photo can speak a 1000 words, but sometimes a photo is timed so perfectly that it could be an entire novel. These pictures are intended to do just that, you can probably derive the whole context of the situation just by looking at these perfectly timed photos. 

The perfectly timed photo is not always something that can be planned out, and it usually involves some spontaneity. It might have been an organized prank or it might have just been a lucky snapshot, but these following images are proof that you should always have your camera phones ready! Whether it be a dad about to get hit in the face by a baseball or an accident waiting to happen, some of these photos have a lot going on. You’re going to wish for an after shot as well. Some of these images require more skill in capturing the photo than anything else. How do these insanely skilled photographers master the art of snapping the right button at the right time? And one must wonder: where are these photographers standing if they captured such a difficult shot? These are only several questions that will surely be going on through your head as you flick through this gallery of images.

  1. They probably should have been wearing helmets when they decided to take this thing for a spin. Unless he was able to stick the landing, this probably hurt a lot. The girl looks surprisingly calm but where is the photographer and how did he or she capture this photo?

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