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25 Pictures That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better

If you’re having a bad day and need a little pick me up, nothing delivers better than the Internet. With its unlimited supply of funny memes, sweet photos and people uploading funny videos of their pets, it’s virtually impossible not to smile after some web-surfing if you’re looking hard enough. I know Mondays can be rough, so here are 25 pictures you don’t have to go searching for yourself that should help to make your day a little better.

1. Most people enjoy the experience of going through a car wash as they grow older, but I know when I was a kid there was nothing scarier than getting trapped in a dark space with various weird contraptions attacking our minivan while my parents seemed completely nonchalant about the whole ordeal. Looks like canines feel the same way.

2. We do not recommend you try this at home. One Twitter user found a creative way to use FaceTime for something other than catching up with family and friends after placing it near a pot of water so he wouldn’t have to physically wait for the water to boil. This takes laziness to a whole new level.

Laziness level: ASTRONOMICAL

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