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25 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Very Sick

Millennials: our years of glory are sadly coming to an end. Remember when we felt young and trendy? Remember when our parents would ask us about technology and we’d roll our eyes and feel high and mighty? We thought we were immortal like we’d never age. Well, here is a sobering realization: Generation Z has replaced us. They are the new trendsetter and apparently, we’re all obsolete. If you were born in the 90s and earlier, you’ll definitely relate to this list. Millennials are always criticized for being sensitive. Here is some solid evidence that we have good reason to be upset:

1) Millennials are familiar with the floppy disk. Depending on your age, you will fall on the spectrum of ‘used it a few times’ to ‘know it inside and out’. In case you need a reminder, they are removable disks that you insert into your computer and are used to store data (a very small amount of data). Floppy disks are iconic – they are emblematic of the technology that was around when we were younger. For that reason, even if you didn’t use them extensively growing up, they are still somewhat of a nostalgic piece of your childhood.

Eventually, floppy disks were replaced by CDs, which have larger storage capacities, that were then replaced by USBs, which are easier to carry with you. Generation X is not privy to any of this. Remember, floppy disks are symbolic for us generation Yers. We also don’t like being reminded that we are past our prime. Hence, Twitter user Bill Gross’s very upsetting conversation with a kid. He writes, “In the ‘I’m getting old’ department… a kid saw this and said, ‘oh, you 3D-printed the ‘Save’ Icon.” It…hurts.

2) Here is one of the many sad stories you will hear about the much-beloved Game Boy. Twitter user Rob Himself wrote, “Some little kids just came up to me on the train and asked me what this is. My heart shatters for children everywhere.” There is so much joy, that these children will not experience.

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