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Pizza Delivery Drivers Share Stories About Their Worst Customer Interactions

There are few part-time jobs where the customer so gleefully awaits your presence as they do for pizza delivery drivers. However, not every knock on the door is treated reverently. Despite being the ultimate solution for both laziness and hunger, some pizza delivery drivers have found themselves in situations from hell while just trying to transport a little slice of heaven.

One Redditor asked the community’s pizza delivery drivers about their worst experiences on the job. From houses that have landed themselves on the elusive “No Delivery” list to customers that make no possible tip worth the trouble, here are 25 shared stories of people who don’t deserve the convenience of pizza delivery.

1. Thankfully Late: “I live in a small town and was doing a delivery to a relatively safe neighborhood. As I was arriving, I noticed a guy hunched over on the sidewalk a few houses down from the address I was given. It was mid-afternoon but I figured he was just already hammered. I got to the customer’s house when I noticed a trail of blood on the patio. Moments later, cops came rushing towards the man on the sidewalk and yelled for me to leave. Turns out, the man had just been stabbed to death and the customer I was delivering to was the stabber.” (Reddit user: DrummingMan)

2. Change: “I was delivering an order for a pizza and the total was just under ten dollars so I knew that I wouldn’t be getting much a tip, but I didn’t expect this dude to be so annoyingly cheap. He handed me a $10 bill for an order that was $9.96. I told him I’d have to run to my car to get some pennies and he responded by saying, ‘I’ll wait.’” (Reddit user: ryanpt670)

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