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25 Pointlessly Gendered Products That We Can’t Believe Exist

We can’t believe that it’s 2018 and we are still seeing products that are targeted towards certain genders. Although we know that some products are specifically for different genders, such as tampons, there are products that are completely gender neutral that are being put into gendered categories. Below is a list of 25 pointlessly gendered products that we can’t believe exist.

1. Marvel Toy: When this 7-year-old went to the store she saw this sign. The advertising states that this alarm clock is fun for boys, but this girl loves superheroes also. Her mother stated on Twitter that her daughter was not impressed with how this product was being targeted towards one gender and not the other.

2. Gorgeous and Clever: Twitter user @MrPauloneill saw these books on the shelf at Harrods, which is an outlet store in England. One of the books has a girl on the cover and apparently teaches you how to be gorgeous. The other book has a boy on the cover and apparently teaches you how to be clever. We are not sure what these products are trying to imply but we believe both genders can be gorgeous and clever at once.

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