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25 Stories About Times Police Officers Let The Craziest Crimes Slide

I’d like to believe that we’re all law-abiding citizens who follow the rules as best we can. I mean, I’m no daredevil but I have jaywalked a couple of times. Who hasn’t okay?!

As lawful as citizens are, the police are there to enforce the rules for those of us who take things a little too far. I’m sure it can’t be easy being a police officer. There are all the tests you have to take in addition to ensuring that your physical strength is constantly maintained. But, it’s not just the physical aspect of the job that’s taxing. There’s having to help family members cope in the event of a tragedy and having to witness horrid crimes.

Though, as much as the local police to arrest criminals and distribute tickets, sometimes things sway the other way. There have been countless stories posted online of police officers letting people go for one reason or another.

1. “My ex-fiance was a policeman in this little town where people didn’t have that much money. A grocery store had called him in because this little girl, about nine years old, had tried to steal a box of feminine products. When my ex-fiance arrived, the little girl was scared out of her mind and had stains on her pants, so she was obviously in need of the items. My ex-fiance bought the box, plus another three along with some other groceries. He then drove her home.” Reddit/Do_I_Matter

2. “Whenever I used to see people who had fallen asleep in their cars after drinking, I chose not to arrest them. It seemed wrong to me. In my eyes, seeing someone in that situation was a decision not to drink. I would often take their keys or drive them home but I wouldn’t arrest them.” Reddit/hbombto

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