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Police Officers Share Stories About Some Of Their Most Unusual Experiences

When your job entails apprehension of criminals and the prevention and detection of crime, chances are, you’re going to have some more exhilarating work stories compared to the typical 9-to-5er. From car chases and dangerous criminals to routine ticketing, every shift for a cop is unpredictable.

If you ask any officer, they’ll have a surfeit of stories from working for the police force. Working in law enforcement can bring on a wide range of experiences. Most officers seek the fulfilling and rewarding moments that make them proud to don their badge, but there are also times where the profession can be genuinely disheartening or even scary. One person decided to ask police officers of the Reddit community what their most memorable experience was on the job and here are 25 of the most interesting responses.

1. Necromancers, Interrupted: “While in field training, I responded to a call at a graveyard where a group of people was digging up corpses and doing freaky religious stuff with them. I have no idea what religion they were or what they were trying to do, but we got there before any of the bodies were disturbed. The chanting and outfits disturbed me more than any suicide or accident I’ve ever dealt with. I wanted to arrest them, but my Field Training Officer told me that if I did that, they would get the arrest report and know my name. He insisted that these were people who you don’t want to know your name.” (Reddit user: Caleb33)

2. Unlikely Speeder: “I was catching speeders at a school zone one morning when a Red Dodge Charger came through doing 47 in a 30. I turned on my lights and pulled the car over only to realize that the driver was the Chief of Police. I continued to ticket my boss accordingly and the next day, he called me up in a meeting and made an example of me.” (Reddit user: proROKexpat)

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