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Police Drawings Versus Photos Of Actual Criminals

Have you ever wondered what you look like in the eyes of someone else? Well, these 30 convicts may or may not be able to recognize themselves. Roam free little criminals, nobody is looking for you! They’re all looking for your evil cartoon twin.

1. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Here you’ll find 30 hilarious and and amazing times that sketch artists had their own distorted (or perfect) perception of their subject. I hope the convicts weren’t too offended or shocked with their result. According to some of these sketches, some even got a little lucky and turned from convicts to models while some went for a haircut and changed up their style, grew a beard, had a wardrobe change, gained weight, lost weight, and got plastic surgery. Take a look for yourself. Would you be able to differentiate the real convict from his or her sketch in real life? The first police drawing of a criminal doesn’t look entirely horrible. This guy looks like he went to the jail salon and got that unibrow fixed right after his court appearance. Also looks like he decided to ditch his hat at one point. Guess the disguise just wasn’t doing it for him.

2. This poor fella just glanced into his future. Bald and overweight. He’s probably more mad about this than about getting caught. You’ve got to give it to some of these police sketch artists though. I’m lucky if I can draw a smiling stick figure without making it look like a first grade art project.

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