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These ‘Commonly-Known’ Facts Are Actually Just Clever Propaganda

Propaganda is defined as information that is intentionally misleading or biased. It is meant to sway or promote a particular cause or point of view.

And information is important. It is what constitutes our knowledge, truth, and reality. Without accurate and timely information it is impossible to come up with a coherent and sound worldview. That is why research and experimentation (on the world as well as on yourself) is vital to uncovering truths and ultimately, the reality. Throughout the time that mainstream media has been around, we (as an audience) have heard of numerous stories and ‘facts’ that we commonly regard as being true. But in reality, some of these ‘truths’ are actually distorted in order to promote a certain agenda. So we decided to go on Reddit to ask people about popular ‘facts’ that were actually created to serve as propaganda. These so called ‘facts’ were created in order to promote a company, shame another corporation or to just raise the popularity or awareness of a particular brand. This type of information is intentionally biased and misleading in order to skew one’s belief and perceptions.


‘Allegedly a woman was burned from a McDonald’s coffee because she spilled it on herself. But apparently, this information was misleading because it was intentionally put out by McDonald’s lawyers to make the woman look worse. It was alleged that the coffee was stored at 200 degrees to cut corners and save money and she suffered 3rd-degree burns to her legs and genitals. From coffee!’ (zibwefuh)


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