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Prank GIFs That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At

It doesn’t always have to be April 1st to warrant a fun loving prank. While being the victim of a gag is never fun, for everyone else it’s comedic gold. The reactions are always worth the wait for these pranksters that went above and beyond to fool friends and family.

1. Some pranks are quick and easy to pull off, but any true prankster knows that patience results in the ultimate payoff. Some people are willing to wait hours to endure that hide-and-seek anticipation urine yearns all for that brief moment of glory of a friend’s horrified reaction. This prankster, in particular, got really into his scare by disguising himself inside of the cushions to become a camouflaged wicker chair beast. You have to wonder just how long he had to sit there and wait for his victim to not only enter the room but to decide to sit down by their own free will. However, it was clearly all worth it as this unsuspecting man was absolutely aghast when his chair came to life. Will he ever trust a wicker chair ever again? Probably not, but you have to admire the time and dedication that went into this brief scare.


2. Most of us are already weary about grabbing a bag of garbage from gross-factor alone, but this guy will probably now avoid the chore for the rest of his life. This unrelenting prankster didn’t even get to witness the reaction in real-time, but I guess that’s what video cameras are for.


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